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Water Intrusion Services Along 30A

Every year, throughout the country, billions of dollars are spent fighting water intrusion into homes and businesses and the harmful effects on homeowners and business occupants. When you have a problem with water getting into your home or business, it is time to call the 30A water intrusion specialists.

Water intrusion contributes in many ways to serious physical and material issues including:

– structural damage
– rot
– mold
– termites
– microbial problems
– endless litigation

Even a small water leak can turn into one big problem if left unattended. At Barakat Restoration, we have over 20 years of mitigation and restoration experience to tackle all of your 30A water intrusion problems.

Storms are something we know about living in Florida. They can be quick blow overs or major hurricanes that can both cause serious damage to your home or business. Once this happens, your property may be at risk and you will need disaster repair. When that occurs, you need to call our 30A water intrusion specialist asap. Whether the storm damage is from fire, water, or wind, we are ready to go to work for you to restore your property. 

Our Storm Damage and Restoration Services

All manner of storms can cause severe water intrusion. It is the last thing you want, and most people are unprepared. It does not matter whether you have just experienced a thunderstorm, hurricane or tropical storm, all have the potential to cause harsh damage to your property.

Our 30A water intrusion specialists have the expertise to remove water from your premises and to tackle your storm damage restoration. You will want to contact us immediately because the longer you wait, the more damage can occur, including damage you cannot see.

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    Once storms are passed, our 30A water intrusion specialists can be out to your property to assess the damage done. The most common repairs are from wind and water damage. Our assessment of your property will be thorough, and we will recommend precisely what needs to be done. Whether it is simple water removal or something more extensive, such as reconstruction, we will explain how we have come to that conclusion.

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    Water Intrusion Can Lead to Mold Problems

    Anytime storms occur, anytime water finds its way into your home or business, the potential for mold growth is exponential. Mold, when left untreated, can lead to all sorts of physical ailments, such as respiratory problems, eye problems, and more. Mold grows in places you see, but also behind walls and under sinks and floors. It loves high humidity and warm temperatures.

    When flooding occurs inside your home or business, it needs to be remedied quickly. Water brings mold with it and it will begin growing immediately. At Barakat Restoration, we offer a variety of mold remediation services and they are all environmentally friendly, as well as safe for you, your family, and your pets. Restoration can make your property like new again.

    Water Intrusion Can Lead to Reconstruction

    Sometimes, flooding is so severe that the only solution is to tear down and start over. Our 30A water intrusion specialists will not just remove standing water from your property, but we offer demolition services so you can rebuild with confidence. All homes and businesses affected by water intrusion need to be repaired or reconstructed. These are not DIY projects. You need the help of restoration professionals who will walk that road with you until all has been remedied the right way.

    At Barakat Restoration, we understand how important it is to go to work immediately following storms. This helps to prevent even further damage to your home or business. With our help, your property will soon be looking like new again, and we make the restoration process as short and painless as we can.

    Our 30A water intrusion specialists are all IICRC certified (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) which means they are trained to operate at a higher standard within their designated certification. Our experts are highly trained in the latest in remediation and restoration processes.

    Techniques and restoration services are always being upgraded and changing. Our team are knowledgeable about all industry standards. This is why you can trust us to repair your home. Not every restoration company offers you the highest qualifications.

    Having damage or flooding from storms can be stressful. No one likes being put out of their home or business while repairs are going on, but Barakat Restoration brings expertise to make it as painless as possible. We will help you through the insurance process and see it through to its finish. In the meantime, we will restore your home or business.

    We offer mold, water, fire, and storm remediation and restoration services in 30A and throughout the 30A corridor.

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