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Our Blasting Services

For over 20 years, Barakat Restoration has been offering a wide range of services for residential and commercial properties all along Florida’s Emerald Coast. If you are in need of mold, fire, or water remediation, we are the company to call. In addition to these services, we are proud to offer our dry ice blasting services.

Our team of certified professionals stands ready to get the job done for you whenever you need us. Our team is licensed, trained, and certified in all aspects of emergency cleanup and remediation and we perform our duties in a timely manner. We understand how important it is to restore your property fast.

Dry Ice or Soda Blasting Services

We service our area with media blasting, dry ice blasting, soda blasting, and wet sandblasting. This type of cleaning is used in a variety of businesses and commercial industries, including:

• Food industry equipment
• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Medical device manufacturing
• Printing plants
• Plastics
• Mold remediation
• Paint removal
• Power generation
• Pharmaceuticals
• Foundries
• Pulp and paper
• Commercial properties of every kind
• and more

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    Dry Ice or Soda Blasting Services

    • Turbines
    • Coffee roasters
    • Central vacuum pumps
    • Floors
    • Tanks and silos
    • Heat and air exchangers
    • Fans
    • Steel beams
    • Motors
    • Generators
    • Conveyor belts
    • Food equipment
    • and much more

    Heavy equipment used daily calls for occasional heavy-duty cleaning. There are real benefits attached to dry ice blasting. These benefits include:

    • An exceptional clean – this cleaning method removes 100% of the dirt, grease, and grime.
    • Cleanup is quicker than with any other method.
    • Equipment and machines do not need to be disassembled, then reassembled.
    • Cleanup is non-abrasive, non-flammable, and non-conductive.
    • This is a gentle process that is mild on surfaces.Our methods mean every tight space is cleaned thoroughly.
    • Dry ice blasting is safe for employees with no exposure to chemicals or harmful media.
    • Dry ice blasting meets all guidelines set forth by the EPA, FDA, and the USDA.

    Dry ice blasting is an effective way to clean just about any surface. Because the dry ice is so frigid, when it is “blasted” against the material to be removed, it works just like sandblasting or high-pressure washing. The material shrinks and falls away. For paint, soot, oil, resins, tars, ink, decals, asphalt and more, this is a great way to restore and clean anything.

    Soda blasting is used when a gentler touch is needed. Very similar to sand blasting, soda blasting uses baking soda, which is silica-free and non-toxic. For removal of paint, stain elimination, graffiti, rust, and more, soda blasting does a great job. This type of process neutralizes rust without damaging metal, glass, rubber, or other material.

    Wet sand blasting is another blasting service we offer our clients. We use a probe line to draw the sand into the power washing wand where it combines with water. The water directs the sand at the material to be blasted. Using washed, dry river sand, wet sand blasting is a safe and effective way of cleaning many surfaces. This is done quickly and restores items to their cleanest appearance.

    Our technicians are trained and certified in all aspects of dry ice and media blasting. The next time you need any type of dry ice blasting, soda blasting, or wet sand blasting, look to our experts at Barakat Restoration do the job done right for you.

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