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If your home or business has been hit by fire, it is critical to contact a company that knows fire restoration and remediation. Do that immediately. Contact someone who knows all about fire damage restoration to prevent additional damage.

A house fire or a fire that wreaks havoc with your business can be traumatizing. A fire can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your property. Things that aren’t burned often suffer from smoke and water damage.

Our company has only certified Florida fire remediation experts and use today’s most advanced equipment and apply best practices that we know will get you the initial help you need right now.

If you have had a fire, know that we are here are for you. If it’s humanly possible, we will get your home or business back on its feet. And we will do so quickly. We understand the potential devastation of fire damage and we want to remedy this for you as quickly as possible.

What to do After a Fire?

If you’ve just been through a fire, it’s hard to think of what’s next. Here are some things to consider:

Your local fire department is there for you. Follow their instructions.

For your kids and pets, ensure they are out of smoky areas. There are carcinogenic gases in smoke and soot which can affect your health. Have them stay with a neighbor, for starters, then find them a comforting home with family or good friends. As well as affecting physical health, fire can be an unnerving experience. The safety of your loved ones comes first.

If you are allowed back inside your home, open windows to move smoke outdoors. Empty the refrigerator and freezer if there is no power. Leave the appliance doors open to avoid odors.

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    Call your insurance company. This is what they are there for. They need to be contacted immediately. All policies state that you should contact them as soon as you can.

    Now it’s time to give us a call. You know you will be in need of professional help, so do it now. It’s important that you contact fire and water restoration specialists in Florida who can come out to your home or business and start the process of repair. There are things that need doing now; from laying tarps on roofs to boarding windows and checking for any hot spots. Your insurance company demands it. Our free estimates are only a phone call away.

    Do an inventory of your home. List all of its contents and those things which will need to be replaced. It’s helpful to take pictures, too. Your insurance company and any fire investigation team will need them. Make additional copies to have on hand.

    Let the police know if your home or business will be vacant so they can watch your premises. Contact schools, the post office, your mortgage company, and credit card companies to have them defer or lower payments at this critical time. There will be other things to do to replace your valuable documents if they have been lost or destroyed in the fire.

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    Fire Damage Restoration Process in Florida

    destin fire and water restorationAlthough the task may seem daunting, remember that fire damage restoration is a process. Everything happens one step at a time.

    Step One: Emergency Contact.
    Any experienced fire damage restoration company in Florida will offer you the very best in emergency contact. They should be responding almost immediately and provide relief for you and your family or company.

    Although the fire department may still be on the premises, fire damage restoration services may also be required at this time. For instance, if you have roof damage and rain can get in, further damage will occur. Our job is to see that your property is taken care of in the best ways possible.

    Step Two: Assessment.
    Our fire restoration and remediation services company will be there to assess your damage. We know there are times when there is nothing to salvage from a home or business. Many times, however, this is NOT the case.

    We will evaluate the possibility and extent of fire and water damage remediation. We will determine how far the fire spread and the extent of the water and soot damage. We will see how many possessions are recoverable and analyze the interior walls and floors. There’s lots to do here.

    Step Three: Tarp and Seal.
    Now is the time to get your home or business secured. Our team will go through your property and secure everything that needs to be fixed temporarily. We look for roof leaks, burst pipes, and more. Water restoration is one of our top priorities.

    Step Four: Clean Up.
    Our fire and smoke damage restoration company will begin with cleaning away smoke, dust, and soot from all surfaces. The dark, stained, and charred areas of your home or business will be restored. Water damage will also be assessed.

    All fire and smoke odors will be eliminated. This is a big part of making your premises whole and usable again. Items that can’t be salvaged will be thrown out. Other items may be repaired. We will attend to carpets and floors.

    Step Five: Repair and Renovation.
    Our fire damage restoration company can replace items that have been destroyed in the fire. Carpets, floors, and walls will all be restored.

    An experienced Florida fire restoration and remediation company like Barakat Restoration will go even further. We will offer renovation services. Not only will you get your home or business back to normal, but it may take on an entirely new look.

    Living through a fire and getting back to your home or business is a stressful experience. Let our company help you from start to finish. We’ve been there for others, so let us be there for you.

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