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$142.99. if you are, let me know and well send over some of the Indian Creek Design BFDs. Weight:3.461oz The J-COMP concept comes from the Type 89 Japanese assault rifle used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces, the Japan Coast Guards Special Security Team units, and the Special Assault Team. Sporting a proven design, these brakes redirect most of the gasses out to the side ports for reduced felt recoil. Its adjustable allegedy, and also 160$. The top port set to the right, benefits right-hand shooters with minimizing excessive climb. Good job as always, but you need to remind your readers that sled results do not equate to shoulder results. On all four sides. Thanks! When I do show up with my braked .338 WM, I tell people up and down the line how obnoxious my .338 will be. Although it isnt currently available for purchase separately, I was able to get my hands on one and figured we may as well include it in this test, especially considering the unique design. Tactical Advantage Armory NES-23 Titanium 3-Gun Compensator: Despite its decent size, the titanium NES-23 weighs only 1.65 ounces, making it feellike its made of air. Machining and finish, like on the brake, is as good as it gets. This stock doesnt sit into the strap at the rear as nicely as the one on the other lower does, so I felt it needed extra security to make sure it stayed totally consistent and the gun didnt slide or shift on top of the sled at all. At least prior to testing them it was my opinion that they were made to look cool and really nothing else, but it turns out they all performed admirably. New price $134 SureFire WARCOMP 556 Yup, Strike makes some awesome values. Without one, youre at a distinct disadvantage because they so dramatically help to mitigate recoil. AR-15 Muzzle Brakes, Compensators & Flash Hiders. Id like to give it a go, but have no data on it! And that isnt just eliminating the downwards force, its turning it into upwards force and essentially doubling the effect. Youve done so much for us already. Im fully willing to believe that this was a complete and total fluke, and Armageddon Tactical immediately offered a replacement, no questions asked, while also stating that theyll be upping their inspection protocol to ensure this cant happen in the future. 74.03%. MSRP:$79.95. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The article Ive linked below explains why. We only email about once per week and we do our best to make sure they're worth your while. Reducing recoil by 72.65% was good enough for a fourth place finish (really, it was effectively in a tie for third). This very unique compensator is comprised of three pieces: a baffle core, a titanium sleeve, and an end cap. linear comp, looks like. MSRP: $89.99 Introductory Price:. It may not be a truly desired method of reducing recoil when youre talking about muzzle brakes, but it does correlate directly to real recoil reduction that you experience while shooting and I dont think its fair to tune it out. Now, in practice most people simply go by the rule that if the company doesnt advertise any flash reducing benefits of the device and if the device has clear elements designed for reducing recoil (e.g. Diameter(at largest point): 0.747 Thats why the procedure for the flash hiding tests (both linked in the 2nd paragraph of this article) was three rapid shots for each FH capturing the peak brightness in lux and leaving the camera shutter open that whole time to average/compile all those shots into a single image. The CMMG SV muzzle compensator is an effective single port brake designed specifically for AR-15 rifles. APOC Armory Competition Muzzle Brake As its name suggests, the APOC Armory Competition muzzle brake was designed with the competition shooter in mind. Terrific for the money and, for having more of a brake appearance, the J-Type is not a concussion beast. MSRP:$99.95. core15 muzzle brake Menu crave frozen meals superstore. Personally Im looking mainly for reduced muzzle rise reduced recoil is just a benefit. It is designed to have much less side blast and noise associated with typical compensators. Fortis makes a lot of cool-looking, futuristic, angular metal products for MSRs, and this new muzzle brake is certainly no exception. Material: 4140 steel MSRP:$89. Diameter(at largest point): 1.065 MSRP:$450 (not in production). Will you be doing this test for Shotguns (muzzle breaks), Like how your tests keep the human factor out the the muzzle break tests. Its big, angular, and has a lot of visual interest, looking particularly cool with its base tucked underneath an extended handguard. Jeremy, great information and I liked that you did start mentioning about the side blast from some of these compensators. Material:steel core15 muzzle brake. While it had to be DQd for the primary testing with the rest of these brakes, I did bring it out the following weekend when doing further testing between the SJC Titan and the Precision Armament M4-72. Finish:black With the exception of shooting in a speed-related competition where I want the best brake possible, I shoot suppressed. Its never made it into the field because I like to be able to hear what goes on around me and Im too cheap to buy electronic ear pro. That said, Dead Airs pricing is far lower than the typical QD-mount brake, and its a good looking, flawlessly machined and finished piece. ^^^^^^^. At 50 to 75 yards 30 seconds and 30 rounds in a softball size area makes me happy from my ar 15 5.56, now you liberals who want to make noise about noise. My opinion is that if youre using a muzzle brake on a firing line at a public range, youre an asshole. MSRP:$95. Dead/ Bad Links Kahntrol Solutions 3-Gun Brake Why are they not included in the second and third? Tactical Advantage Armory BC-23 Compensator: My BC-23 sample is stainless steel, but on the TAA website it appears titanium is the only option [EDIT: TAA confirmed that they only make Ti brakes. Either way really cool to see this data. The big, wide brakes with huge normal area (esp. For most casual shooters who are plinking 5.56 out of an AR, a compensator should not be absolutely necessary. Its funny, but not functional. Diameter(at largest point): 1.5 FWIW. Length:2.503 MSRP:$129. Im impressed. Click here to jump to its point in the video, and here for the additional M4-72 vs. Titan back-to-back testing. Each muzzle device was timed properly, and tested twice. He lives outside of Austin, TX. Weight:3oz Its constructed of solid 4150 steel. Score one for logical thought processes. Material: stainless steel (also available in titanium, and sometimes other metals) Precision machined in the USA and backed by the NBS limited lifetime warranty, these are possibly the best value muzzle brake on the market. As a postscript to my last post, I will say that I can well imagine why you might be reluctant to consider doing the test I propose. And thats true for many but for some shooters its the little things that matter. I say I look forward to a good muzzle brake that will reduce the 2 to 3 inch jump to the upper left that I have to drop down on target to squeeze again No Change Tactical Advantage Armory BC-23 Compensator Weight:16.8 oz Weight:2.674 oz I have read all of the tests and I appreciate all the great information as I like to read a lot before making any purchases for my rifles. This series of comparisons has been invaluable to us here in jersey seeking a muzzle device that we can feel good about permanently attaching to the barrel. After giving it a great deal of thought and testing some of these devices myself, Im thinking that there MUST be more to muzzle rise than just the rearward push that TTAG has so excellently quantified. Yeah, Im curious how gen. 2 will behave. rosie rivera house address 4123; kal magnesium glycinate arsenic; is captain jacks deadbug safe; doctors accepting new patients whitby Strike Industries WarHog Comp Unlike the pair of two-chamber Strike Industries compensators above, this one is a simple and very affordable single chamber muzzle device. The BCM A2X flash hider is machined from 4150 steel and phosphate coated per MIL-STD-171. Weight:2.35 oz It wont matter which muzzle brake you choose, it will fit and work well with any muzzle device that is worth buying. Diameter(at largest point): 0.874 1255 - City becomes ducal residence of Upper Bavaria. Jeremy, While the RAC was nitrided, this XTC is bead blast bare stainless, although both brakes are available in either finish. Ive had it for a few months and will be writing up a brief review soon, but the short version is that its great and I have nothing negative to say at all. Youll have improved control during rapid fire and a tighter overall grouping. However, its not something wed ever just toss on the front of our firearm without thought. Material: steel (also available in stainless steel) Keep up the great work, it is much appreciated! Griffins M4SD line of suppressors and muzzle devices uses the same QD mounting grooves as the A2 birdcage, meaning their suppressors work on an A2 and their muzzle devices work with most other brands of A2-compatible suppressors. The tests arent exactly the same every time (test rig weight, angle, weather conditions, etc vary between tests). Well, considering I paid $22.99 of my own money for it I suppose that could be up for debate. Hey Jeremy S. Im looking to get a new muzzle device. The customer replies and the stranger says He must be a genius to have fit a suit so well to a deformed cripple like you.. No Change Phase 5 FATman Hex Brake Machining and finish is as nice as it gets from any company. ], Material: Grade 5 titanium Como jogar Jet X? Its also well beyond deafening to anyone who would be gutsy enough to try a shot without ear pro, Im really not a muzzle rise compensation fan. Machining and finish, as with most of the muzzle devices Ive had from Troy, are average. There are some of those, but overall its a clean and consistent-looking piece. Finish:bare We found in Flash Hiding Test #2 that its about 37% brighter than an A2, which is asignificant flash reduction vs. a bare muzzle, and in this test we see that it cuts recoil almost in half, putting the A2 to shame. At the risk of sounding crass or cheap, the table near the top of the article could have been a bit handier if it had a column for MSRP, allowing readers to quickly assess value. I like this suppressor a lot. I remember you finding some erosion on an aluminum brake in one of your other tests. That said, there are also muzzle devices that do not fit into these categories. Well, it does have a column for MSRP. Theyve had great success with this design, and its one wed definitely consider for a build that we felt needed a compensator. I measured how far the rig slid back for each shot. Im looking for the best recoil reduction out of a hybrid device, but I want to keep concussion to a minimum. No wrench flats, despite a perfect place for them. MSRP:$149. Material: 4140 steel The 223CB is incredibly compact, but its two, rearwards-angled baffles are obviously highly efficient at catching and redirecting gas and pressure. Weight:4.586oz (2.68 oz in titanium) Its still good for a 74% reduction in recoil, which is absolutely amazing, but the SJC Titan did a whopping 78%. In the same way that a compensator helps you get back on target quickerso to can a muzzle brake. Finish:bead blast titanium or Ionbond black Length:2.36 Additionally, once you have a suppressor and a gun that accepts it you dont tend to shoot it unsuppressed a whole lot, eh? The end result? Amazing! I am considering the Dragon and BMD combo since it seems Lantac engineered the BMD to maintain the Dragons excellent performance. No Change Troy Industries Proctor Muzzle Brake If recoil mitigation is a consideration in your build, I would lean towards a compensator or a muzzle brake. Material: steel (high strength corrosion resistant alloy) I understand everything youve just said and agree. For that same reason, if youre building a high-quality, hard-use home defense firearm but do not have the ability to acquire a suppressor, then a flash hider is something wed most certainly recommend. This bad boy landed in third place, providing a whopping 72.93% reduction in recoil. The aggressive front is an added feature that makes sure no one gets too close, not that youre likely to be doing muzzle strikes on people. This is a hard one to beat when it comes to the combination of price and effectiveness. Its no longer available (sorry, I know I just shattered your plans to impulse buy one), but it was loaned to me with the MAMS so I figured Id test it. Weight:3.551oz Their parts arent currently for sale in the U.S. that I know of, but theyre expected to be available through Brownells and other retailers in the near future. Every brake I install comes with a lecture about never, ever shooting them without hearing protection. A shooter also learns around their gun. MSRP:not sold separately. Length:2.314 New price $699 Dead Air Armament Sandman Ti Is there another combo that you recommend that is as effective? Unfortunately, Im a slacker and this test ismassively delayed from when I planned on running it, so Venom Defenses designs have evolved a bit since. MSRP:$109.95. There is nothing mechanical about the function of the firearm that causes the muzzle to go up. Thanks again. Diameter(at largest point): 0.876 I, being a gunsmith, just think that lots of people overlook the thing that you allude to in your posting the fit of the firearm. Im not a huge black oxide fan, but 2111 Arms has done it here as nicely as it can be done. Seems to be you have an issue with free speech, son. The utility in cutting recoil by a huge percentage is very clear for many types of shooting. And yeah, sure, they also look cool, sound cool, and throw fire, all of which are fun as long as youre the one behind the gun and not on the range next to it haha. In addition to that, the unique design is supposed to provide some recoil reduction via prongs that increase in width as they approach the muzzle. .223/5.56 Muzzle Brake; Black Nitride Finish; 1/2X28 Thread Pitch; One Crush Washer Included Again, Id say the machining and finish on the steel one is about average, but the time spent sandblasting the titanium one has removed tool marks and teeny burrs and has effectively made it flawless. Pretty much every muzzle device available technically reduces flash as compared to the bare muzzle. MSRP:$224.99. Voc jogar com segurana fazendo um cash out antecipadamente, ou voc um jogador que quer correr riscos e atingir esses altos multiplicadores? On top of working great, the Atlas Blast Shield has a stylish, modern looking design. As for test #3, why did you strap the AR down but not in tests #1 or 2? additionally I want to thank you for the great comparison and data on these tests. Another setup I am considering is a dedicated flash suppressor with compensation like like the Surefire Warcomp and deal with recoil through other means. The King-Comp is a great alternative if youre looking for a cross between a compensator and a muzzle brake or effective combo muzzle device so much so, we include this compensator in our list of hybrid muzzle devices later on in this article. Without further ado, our recoil reduction winner isdrum roll please. , Great test otherwise and you are doing a great job putting numbers to something otherwise govern by feelings! Gary from ICD here off your meds much? Material: HTSR 416 stainless steel Thinking about the Ti version for pin and weld to a 14.5 barrel. I didnt take the replacement, though, as running a 1/2-28 thread tap through it Melonite is really hard, by the way resolved the problem completely. They do redirect the blast, concussion, and sound forward but I dont have the equipment to quantify any of that. Munich, by far the largest city in southern Germany, lies about 30 miles (50 km) north of the edge of the Alps and along the Isar River, which flows through the middle of the city. I believe the blast/wind from both of these brakes is approximately equivalent, but the Titan may have a little more concussion that your neighbors at the range will feel. It doesnt hurt that its very cool looking without going overboard. With a lot of these brakes I fired them offhand prior to the tests (for this test, for instance, I was collecting brakes for almost a year before finally doing the test! The VooDoo Jet Comp is a simple, well-made, 3-port brake that performs extremely well. My opinion is that if youre using a muzzle brake on a firing line at a public range, youre an asshole. 2) NO, it is not perfect. I realize theres A LOT of text in this article, but it did include: Note: there is no comparison whatsoever between the inch measurements in this test and those in the previous 5.56 tests (or the .30 cal test). Click on any of the images in this articleto see them full-size. New price $89 and up Venom Defense & Design AR-10, 2-Port Compensator CORE15 Rifle Systems .223/5.56 Muzzle Brake: My CORE15 brake loaner is well-used, but the nitride finish still looks great. Tyler and I actually discuss this topic on his podcast that will be publishing on TTAG here this evening. V Seven Weapon Systems V SEVEN Muzzle Brake: Okay so this is a first for me a muzzle brake with a full-on, large port running one direction followed by another clocked 90 off from it. The procedure for this test was the same as the previous braketests. MSRP:$249.99. It looks unique, but Im not sure it has a real performance purpose other than kicking up dust if youre shooting prone. Silencer Review: Dead Air Sierra-5 5.56 NATO Suppressor, Oh, The Humanity: Latest Polling Shows a Majority of Americans Now Oppose an Assault Weapons Ban, Optic Review: Viridian GDO 20 Green Dot Electro Optic, https://www.jprifles.com/buy.php?item=JPTRE3-2B, http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2015/04/jeremy-s/gear-review-juggernaut-tactical-juggerbrake/, https://kahntrol.com/why-recoil-contraptions-dont-or-cant-tell-the-truth/, https://oag.ca.gov/sites/all/files/agweb/pdfs/firearms/regs/fsor.pdf, http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2016/10/jeremy-s/ar-15-muzzle-brake-shootout-3/#comments, https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/muzzle-devices/compensators-amp-muzzle-brakes/ar-15-m4-72-severe-duty-compensator-dlc-22-caliber-prod58033.aspx?avad=avant&aid=170901&cm_mmc=affiliate-_-Itwine-_-Avantlink-_-Custom+Link&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=Avantlink&utm_content=NA&utm_campaign=Itwine, https://precisionrifleblog.com/2015/08/21/muzzle-brake-summary-of-field-test-results/, https://jetx-apostas.com/como-jogar-jetx/. I think its fair to say that Phase 5 was going for some loud aesthetics when they came up with the FATman brake. Tactical Advantage Armory CC-23 Titanium Muzzle Brake: CC may stand for C-Comp or something, and I think its obvious from the side view why TAA may have called it that. How about in a state where flash Brakes are not legal ? Apparently they dont realize that the height of this rail is way lower than AR rail height, and it would be basically impossible to jury rig a sight onto this thing at a usable height. Anti-American scum. Perhaps it was to focus on recoil reduction solely but I found it interesting to watch muzzle rise in the previous two. In general, the amount of recoil reduction youll see in a brake is a function of how much surface area is normal to the bore axis. FFL orders are delayed 7-8 business days from receipt of FFL license. Thats where this inexpensive compensator shines. New price $56.95 Apex Tactical Enhanced Stabilization Attachment Diameter(at largest point): 1.0 And thats the reason its great to see these tests. This has to do with the downward thrust applying excess pressure to the sled causing greater friction, and in real world testing, the top ported brakes have terrible impact spacing during double tap drills. You may also be interested in the AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Roundup here. Diamondheads T-Brake was a hot request in the comments of muzzle brake test #1 and #2, both here and on YouTube. Moving on from flash hiders Are you looking for a muzzle device that assists in reducing upward lift or muzzle flip when firing? Material: HTSR 416 stainless steel Im not saying thats how you should proceed, but thats definitely how most gun owners in CA proceed. I understand why people want to make a gun more comfortable to shoot. Length:2.736 Finish:black nitride Strike Industries Oppressor This is a blast shield that works with five different Strike Industry muzzle breaks. Im looking to prevent the fast fire AK style of muzzle rise. APOC Armory Black Ops Muzzle Brake The Black Ops Muzzle Brake is a very affordable design that redirects gasses to help reduce felt recoil and help you stay on target. You should devote waaaaay more testing time to suppressor mount brakes from AAC, Surefire, SiCo Sig, Griffin, etc. Note: there is no comparison whatsoever between the inch measurements in this test and those in the previous 5.56 tests (or the .30 cal test). core15 muzzle brakemeadowglen lane apartments. Bare muzzle is the basis for comparison against which all of the muzzle devices are measured. This brake should have been tumbled and/or media blasted after it was machined. The handguard is an O2 Lite from ODIN Works. Instead of the recoil reduction per dollar figure I created, you could do recoil reduction per ounce. This would answer the question of which brake is the most effective per ounce of its weight. Thats about what most AR furniture is to gun fitting. J-Comp is one of the best brakes out there for sure. It does this by venting gases vertically. Length:2.222 Diameter(at largest point): 0.865 No one online seems to have any. You are here: Home. You have 100 yard indoor rifle ranges? I believe they have included the A2 in the flash hider shootouts, so you may be able to compare data. Your brakes look cool and work very well. Cool gotcha, thanks! Overall though its very good, and were it not for the close scrutiny of this test and the tough competition, it probably wouldnt be noticed. Any chance of adding the OSS STS muzzle brake and the newer OSS QD brake to the mix? But for most ARs? Low life control freaks, the lot who think they way you do. Diameter(at largest point): 1.014 Literally ruins your sight picture with each shot. wish the newish JP 3 port brakes had made it into this test. Dead Air Armament Sandman Ti(.30 cal vs. .223 cal end caps): Its well-established that suppressors do reduce recoil, although to varying degrees (like brakes and comps) based on design, caliber, and more. Length:3.007 MSRP:$133. Knights Armament Triple Tap Flash Suppressor/Compensator: Wire EDM-machined from Inconel, the ~$450 KAC 3T puts the MAMS price tag to shame. Thanks Jeremy for all of your hard work and excellent information. VG6 Gamme + CAGE Device. Now, with an AR shooting in 5.56, some would argue that the recoil the rifle produces is more than manageable. Its made by Troy Industries, and is meant to be a good all-around unit functioning as a brake and a comp while keeping flash to a minimum. Weight:3.094oz I used to be that macho idiot who could take severe noise. Really interesting data here.great job!! Thats huge in competition, its fun when plinking, it can be important for multiple reasons when hunting, and its nice when target shooting. From a personal standpoint, this is currently my compensator of choice. Diameter(at largest point): 0.866 No one ever toughs it out. No one. The WARCOMP has no wrench flats, but ships with a custom tool that engages the prongs and allows the use of a socket wrench to torque it down. Well, except I wish I had gone with M-LOK instead of KeyMod just for personal preference and consistency reasons. True. MSRP:$125. Even doubled up with 33 NRR plugs and 34 NRR muffs, shooting next to him was impossible. Material: Titanium tube, Stellite baffle core Here are the results: SJC Titan Comp. This is a true combination muzzle brake / compensator / flash hider. Finish:black nitride on steel, sleeve left raw The only way to buy is Muzzel Brake pined & welded ? You ARE correct in that sled results arent a perfect approximation of shoulder results for multiple reasons, but saying sled results do not equate to shoulder results is definitely an exaggeration. Length:2.286 Compensating the gun (using gas to push the muzzle down) is a band-aid thats counteracting the symptom and not the cause. Even off a bipod taking precision shots at a few hundred yards, when the crosshair doesnt leave the target you can drill the snot out of the thing while seeing your own hits rather than fire then spend two seconds trying to find the target in your zoomed-in scope picture again. Have you tested a Lantac Dragon have not seen it in the recoil tests but saw one in the flash hider tests. Crazy, I know. Material: steel Finish:Ionbond DLC All the outdoor ranges are private (and have multi-year waiting lists), with the exception of the Cherry Creek State Park Shooting Center, which charges you the ridiculous $9 park fee to enter the park, then $18 to use the range. Finish:Mil-spec black parkerized Strike Industries King Comp The Strike Industries King Comp features a large dual chamber design, which was engineered to reduce felt recoil and help reduce the side concussion with the specifically angled gas ports. I believe the blast/wind from both of these brakes is approximately the same, but the Titan may have a little more concussion that your neighbors at the range will feel. Thank you for doing these tests, very illuminating. Thanks for your help, and reviews! Length:2.803 Put any muzzle device on that compensates for muzzle rise, though, and the muzzle will shoot downwards. I think its safe to say at this point that Muzzle Brake Shootout #4 is never happening. From a physical standpoint, youll notice it is an extended version of the A2 flash hider found on the M16 and M4 series of rifles. The important stat is the recoil reduction as a percentage, which has proven pleasingly consistent.. I noted obvious errors on many manufacturers sites so chose not to use any of their info across the board. MSRP:$99. Length:2.246 All stated weights and dimensions are as measured by me. Finish:black or bead blast stainless Finish:black oxide Subdued look, too, which is either good or bad (aesthetics being completely subjective, of course). core15 muzzle brake core15 muzzle brake. Price: $899.00. In your testing, have you found that the muzzle brakes do not in fact reduce flash? I think its obvious why mounting accessories to your muzzle brake isnt a great idea. I can see how in a 2/3-gun competition it could be useful, but for the 98% of guys who run their AR at a range/from a bench and usually are restricted by range rules to slow firing anyway, it is just a lighter wallet, annoying everyone around you and hurting your and their hearing to look cool to tame the recoil for an already pussyfoot recoiling rifle. I got a real kick out of your comprehensive review, especially your thoroughness in data analysis. Have a nice day, buttercup. A muzzle brake made from Inconel. Rise Armament RA-701 Compensator This 416 stainless steel, black nitride finished compensator is designed to counteract recoil and lifting tendencies and helps you stay on target for fast follow-up shots. Clearly, a lot of people find the triangular shape compelling and wanted to know how the recoil reduction stacks up. Im one of the guys who bought one of the brakes, and learned that I didnt like them. These brakes effectively reduce recoil while maintaining compact dimensions. I pretty much love this titanium brake from V Seven. The King-Comp is a great alternative if youre looking for a cross between a compensator and a muzzle brake or effective combo muzzle device. The Atlas Blast Shield is available in the Black Nitride finish for protection from corrosion, fatigue strength, and resistance to wear. Muzzle rise on an AR only happens because of rearwards recoil. Weight:2.25 oz The rifle I want already comes with a suppressor, but Im not even sure if it comes off. Cmon. Pop this on an NFA lower with a three round burst mech. No Change hunder Beast Arms Corporation 223CB Muzzle Brake June 14, 2022; pros and cons of stem cell therapy for knees . Length:2.54 Length:3.258 Weight:4.198oz Anyway, it placed third from last in this test, behind two flash hiders. Also there is some interesting testing over here if you wanted to compare: https://precisionrifleblog.com/2015/08/21/muzzle-brake-summary-of-field-test-results/. Fortis Muzzle Brake + Control Shield WeaponTech Punisher Compensator/Flash Hider: The WeaponTech Punisher Comp/Flash Hider, sold via Primary Arms (and designed by the same guy who created the ACSS scope reticle, which I absolutely love), is a novel combination of brake, comp, and flash hider. Hiperfire HIPERCOMP 5.56C Hiperfire is a name that is absolutely huge in the world of competitive shooters. Anyway - Yes, while I agree the recoil and blast from a 5.56/.223 rifle isn't that bad, some direction of the gasses and control of the muzzle is gained from the addition of a quality muzzle device. But the next time you test a group of compensators, could you test three different areas (recoil reduction, side blast, and noise) and which gives you the best in all three areas.

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