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Our Water Intrusion Services

It does not matter if it occurs in your home or your business, water intrusion is a big headache any way you look at it. If that is not bad enough, water intrusion can help to create mold and fungus within a property, which can compromise your health. Any time water emergencies arise, it is time to call the water intrusion specialists.

Water entering or flooding your home or business can have devastating effects. Here in Florida, water damage is one of biggest cause of damage to property. It can come from a variety of sources:

Leaking or frozen water lines and pipe

• Appliances that overflow
• Sewage or septic lines backing up
• Sinks, tubs and toilets that leak or overflow
• Rivers cresting after heavy rains
• Hurricanes and storms

You can relax and know that at Barakat Restoration, we have remedied all of these situations and more. Water intrusion problems are no time to put on your DIY hat. You need to call in the professionals.

Our Water Intrusion Experts Work for You

We will remediate your property and then restore it to its natural beauty. Because we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, whenever you have a water problem, we can take care of it immediately.

Water does not mix well with walls, floors, ceilings, or furniture. It can create mold and the air can become unhealthy to breathe. Even if water flooded in from outside and is now gone, it has likely left many impurities behind. These pollutants must be removed from your home or business. Water damage often leads to health problems, such as respiratory problems, eye, or skin infections. It can even lead to hepatitis A, as well as other health issues. Do not risk your family’s health or your own.

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    Water Intrusion Services We Offer

    It does not matter what type of water damage you have experienced; our certified water intrusion specialists are ready to go to work for you right now. We offer you an array of services to choose from:

    • Water damage assessment
    • Water extraction
    • Restoration of personal effects, including clothes
    • Repairs of the source of water leaks
    • Reconstruction services from the storm damage
    • Drying of all affected areas, including walls, floors, carpets, and furniture
    • Insurance claim filing

    Never try to clean water out of your home or business yourself. It is a big job that needs the expertise of professionals, such as our IICRC staff members who will do a great job for you.

    Step 1. For all water emergencies, our professionals locate the source of the water leak or intrusion, then go to work to eliminate it. A total assessment is conducted, and we recommend to you what will need to be done next.

    Step 2. Then it is on to detecting where water is, and drying all moisture from walls, floors, and ceilings. We use the most advanced drying techniques. And our equipment will completely remove all moisture from your property.

    Step 3. If water has destroyed a lot of property, we will conduct an assessment of that, as well. We will save what can be saved.

    Step 4. If you need mold remediation, we do that, too. You want to return to your home or business knowing it is as good as before the water emergency. A water intrusion specialist is the only way to see the problem through to a successful conclusion.

    Barakat Restoration Offering Water Intrusion Services in Northwest Florida

    At Barakat Restoration, we have over 20 years of experience in water, fire, mold, and storm remediation services. We arrive at your property quickly, and we have the experience you can depend on.

    We know how stressful water inside your property can be and we are prepared to take it all on. You can rely on us to restore your home or business following water intrusion.

    Contact Cameron and his team at Barakat Restoration now for Free Inspections and Free Estimates.

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