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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Repair Services in Florida

One of the most devastating things to happen to your home or business is to suffer water and flood damage. There are many ways water can enter your home or business and cause damage. No matter what it is, you need water extraction and water damage restoration fast.

Most water damage comes from inside your home or business including:

• Leaking or frozen water lines and pipes
• Overflowing sinks, bathtubs, or toilets
• Backed up sewage and septic lines
• Washing machine or dishwasher overflow

In addition, common causes of water damage include:

• Heavy rains
• Rivers cresting

At Barakat Restoration, we have seen it all. That’s why when water troubles strike, we know that you need professional help right away.

Don’t attempt to clean up the mess alone, especially if it’s widespread throughout your home or business. Water extraction isn’t as easy as it seems. You could run into more problems than you think. 

Water Damage Remediation in Florida

No matter how you experienced the water damage to your home or building, it will leave behind unwanted residue. Even when water drains away and floors and walls dry out, you are still left with ruined carpets and flooring, rotting wood to walls and floors. The formation of rust, mold, and microbial growth begins almost immediately.

Water doesn’t mix well with wood, drywall, or masonry. Once exposed to water, these materials will be compromised. Heavy water damage can even cause your home to be uninhabitable until the structure itself has been repaired.

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    As if that’s not bad enough, water starts to contain chemical, biological, and physical elements that grow into contaminants if water has been standing for more than 48 hours.

    Out of these impurities, illnesses may develop. Water damage can lead to respiratory illnesses including asthma, skin infections, hepatitis A, eye infections, as well as liver, blood, and kidney issues. This is all from water entering your home or business when it shouldn’t have.

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    Water and Flood Damage Restoration

    Spotting and Fixing a wall leakOnce water has inundated your home, you need to call the professionals to have water extraction begin as soon as possible. We have the expertise and highly trained staff to oversee all of your water and flood damage restoration needs.

    Our staff will handle any type of water and flood damage you have, and the sooner it begins, the better. Did you know that mold will begin to grow inside your home in just a matter of hours? Unless your home or business is treated within 48-72 hours, this can lead to even bigger problems.

    Whatever water damage you are experiencing in your home or business, our experts offer you a full list of services to choose from.

    • Water extraction
    • Water damage assessment
    • Drying of affected areas, such as carpets, walls, floors, and furniture
    • Restoration of personal possessions including clothes, linens, books and more
    • Remediating for mold and mildew damage
    • Repairing the source of water leaks
    • Reconstruction services from storm damage
    • Help with filing insurance claims

    You cannot undertake water damage restoration on your own. Many home projects are DIY; water and flood damage restoration is not one of them. All services undertaken to remove water from your home should be performed by trained, licensed flood restoration professionals.

    More About Our Florida Water and Flood Damage Restoration Services

    Step 1. Emergency Mitigation. Our professionals locate the source of intruding water and go to work to eliminate it. This is when we do a total assessment of the damage situation and what, if any, danger there is to people living in the home or occupying the business. Once the flood or water damage assessment has been made and health concerns addressed, it’s on to the next step.

    Step 2. Drying and Dehumidification. Using only the most advanced drying services, our equipment is able to detect moisture from walls, floors, ceiling cavities, and other places where water can seep in. Our drying and dehumidification equipment can then remove that moisture thoroughly and allow for the damaged areas to dry. We perform water extraction the right way, maximizing effectiveness and minimizing risk.

    Step 3. Assessing Contents. Water is a quick destroyer. That’s why time is of the essence when determining when you should begin water damage restoration. By quickly getting an assessment completed, more of your precious personal possessions and documents can be saved. We know what it takes to clean your things and decontaminate.

    Step 4. Mold Remediation. If needed, our professionals can also provide you with mold remediation services. This will go a long way to providing you with a clean home or business, ready for you and your family to return. Everyone wants to return to their home or place of business as quickly as possible and we make that possible. We strive most of all for minimizing the interruptions that come with water damage. 

    Why You Need Our Services for Water and Flood Damage

    How to prevent flood damageDon’t go it alone. Water and flood damage in Florida is extremely dangerous, not only to the structure of a property, but to the health of people too.

    We respond quickly to you. Let our team come out immediately to assess the water and flood damage and get you back on your feet, sometimes in as little as a week or less. We can help you with total water and flood damage.

    We have the experience you’re looking for. Our company has experienced, licensed professionals who know what it takes to make things right again for your home or business. We know how to handle any water damage emergency.

    We help with your claims. Working with insurance companies is always stressful, especially when claims seem on the verge of being denied. We work with insurance companies all the time, so let us take over and see you through to settled claims quickly.

    We know how traumatic water damage can be to your life. It’s critical for professionals to immediately assess, address, and fix your water damage problems. Call us today for solutions to all of your water removal and remediation problems.

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