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Blasting Services in Miramar Beach

Whenever you need mold, fire, or water remediation or restoration, Barakat Restoration is ready to help you at a moment’s notice. In addition to these remarkable services, we also offer you our Miramar Beach dry ice blasting, soda blasting, and wet sandblasting services.

Dry ice blasting, or CO2 blasting, is a cleaning service for many types of industries. Some industries our Miramar Beach dry ice blasting services are used in are:

– Ceiling tile manufacturing
– Paper manufacturing
– Printing
– Building maintenance
– Beverage manufacturing
– Can manufacturing
– Pipe manufacturing
– Steel tube manufacturing
– Generator maintenance
– and more

Some equipment that needs cleaning includes:

– Ovens
– Dryers
– Fans
– Electric motors
– Escalators
– Printing presses
– Production equipment
– Turbine generator stators
– Diesel transmissions
– Conveyors
– Tanks

Barakat Restoration offers non-toxic, industrial cleaning solutions for all of your Miramar Beach media blasting facilities.

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    How Does Dry Ice Blasting Work?

    When you call us for our Miramar Beach dry ice blasting services, the process to clean is one where the blasting involves propelling pellets at an extremely high speed. This type of cleaning is done through kinetic energy, extreme temperature change and something called sublimation, which is solid dry ice conversion to a gas. Dry ice blasting safely cleans industrial equipment, especially large electric motors and generators, as well as drives, presses, conveyors, ovens and more. Usually this requires minimal to no disassembly whatsoever.

    What Is Soda Blasting?

    Soda blasting is green technology that safely strips paint or cleans just about any surface. Before soda blasting came on the scene, the only way to remove paint, rust or other unsightly materials was to chip at it, use harsh chemicals, or sandblast it off. These outdated methods are no longer needed now that soda blasting is available. Our Miramar Beach soda blasting experts will take on any job you have and clean it thoroughly.

    Similar to traditional sandblasting, soda blasting has significant advantages. Soda blasting cleans industrial surfaces without causing harm to its substrate or to the environment. This type of process can easily remove paint, rust, grease, oils, coatings, carbon, gasket material and surface corrosion. These elements can all be removed from a variety of metals, alloys, plastics and composites. All hard, anodized coatings are left intact.

    The best part about our Miramar Beach soda blasting services is that it uses the latest and most innovative technology, which is also green technology. A soda blasting machine uses compressed air which delivers bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) onto any surface to be cleaned. Soda blasting is much gentler to the underlying surface. It is one of the best Miramar Beach media blasting services we offer.

    Soda blasting can be used for just about any surface due to its ability to leave substrate unharmed. Our soda blast service is FDA-approved and non-toxic. As well as being environmentally safe, it is also non-sparking and non-flammable.

    What is Wet Sandblasting?

    To clean a variety of surfaces, such as metal, steel, brick, concrete, aluminum and other masonry materials, wet sandblasting is the preferred process. By adding water to the blast stream, the cleaning process cuts down on significant dust.

    Our Miramar Beach wet sandblasting process uses compressed air and an industrial blast machine to tackle the job. There is just enough abrasive in the water stream to suppress the dust. Dust suppression is important, because there may be silica or other hazardous materials being released. Especially when sandblasting concrete, silica dust is released. With our wet sandblasting process, the dust is greatly reduced.

    Our Miramar Beach wet sandblasting system incorporates a nozzle control that adjusts water pressure and volume all the way from a fine mist to a full-on water wash. The volume of water is regulated according to the amount of dust being produced.

    Why Choose Our Miramar Beach Services?

    Whatever type of blasting you need, whether that is wet sandblasting, dry ice blasting, or soda blasting, Barakat Restoration will take care of it for you. These services are brought to you along with our restoration and remediation services for water, fire, mold, or storm damage. With over 20 years of experience, we have encountered every type of problem that is out there, both residential and industrial.

    You want your business to make money for you. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Our team of experts is fully licensed, trained, and certified for every job they take on. They are committed to having your home or business fully functional again in a timely manner. Google “Miramar Beach dry ice blasting near me” and we are there for you. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer free inspections and estimates and know how important your time is. We have the tools and the experience to give all of your residential or industrial applications a thorough cleaning.

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